We have been assisting children with autism in their development for nearly ten years. Many of the children we have been caring for since the start of our Association are now reaching adulthood. It is with them in mind that we resolved to establish a ‘vocational preparatory school’ under the terms of Polish law, incorporating a day centre for youth and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Thanks to the positive stance of the local town hall, in Oochota, Warsaw, we have been granted a suitable location for this undertaking at a favourable rent. However, it does require building work to be done on a one-off basis right now, to bring it to the exacting standards required for a school, which is rather expensive. We therefore are turning to companies and institutions, as well as individual people of good will to assist in this urgent initiative.

Your kind and greatly appreciated support could take the form of a donation to the following bank account of the Association:


KONTO – PL55 1540 1287 2032 8050 7214 0002

Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Osób z Autyzmem Nie z tej Bajki

Warszawa, ul. Łukowska 9/227

Below we present photos of planned locations of this school.

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